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Laurentian University

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


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About Laurentian University

Laurentian University is nestled into a pristine 765-acre peninsula in Sudbury – less than four hours north of Toronto.

We are one of the fastest growing universities in Canada in the past decade, now serving close to 9,500 students. Our main campus is in Sudbury, and we now offer a growing number of programs in Barrie to the 1,000 students studying on that campus. We have the highest post-graduation employment rates in Ontario after 6 months at 93% and 95% after two years. We receive high recognition for our enviable class sizes, having one of the lowest average class sizes in Canada.

Our two home cities are similar in many important respects: they’re both vibrant, safe, affordable mid-sized cities with all the urban amenities, each with a true sense of community, and both located within the famous natural setting of the Muskoka region. Beyond the busy life on campus, you’ll find plenty to do and enjoy in both of our Laurentian host cities. Both communities have efficient and economical public transit and are relatively easy to navigate by car or on foot.



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Off-Campus Housing

If you do not reserve your residence space before the application deadline of June 2, you will need to find off-campus housing. The following are some options for off-campus housing:

Renting an apartment:  Apartments in Sudbury are usually available with one-,two-, or three-bedrooms. You are responsible for buying and cooking your own food, doing your laundry, purchasing furniture (usually) and other necessities such as bed linens, dishes, cooking utensils, silverware, etc. The apartment may or may not be equipped with a fridge and stove.

Cost: between $550.00 and $800.00 CDN per month, which may or may not include utilities, and usually does not include telephone or cable television. This might be a suitable arrangement for someone who is planning to study for a period longer than eight months since most apartments require you to stay for one year. Because this option cannot be pre-arranged, you should be prepared to spend the first few days in a hotel or temporary housing.

Homestay Program

Homestay is designed to assist international students in maximizing their educational experience in Canada.  Living with a homestay family allows students to gain extensive experience with the English and or French language as well as learn about Canadian culture first-hand.  Students will have the opportunity to establish friendships with people who can help ease the adjustment to the new environment.

There are many benefits to living with a family in Canada.  Homestay homes are fully furnished, including a private student room equipped with proper bedroom and bathroom furnishings (linens, pillows and blankets, towels and toilet paper).  Students also have reasonable access to the host family’s telephone for local calls (long-distance charges must be charged to a calling card). 

Most importantly, homestay homes are safe!  All homestay homes and household members are fully screened by the Homestay Coordinator to ensure the safety and comfort of the student.


The Laurentian University has two main campuses:

  • Sudbury campus: With the university nestled among five freshwater lakes on 765-acres of land and right in the heart of the city, it stands to reason that pristine nature can be gleaned from every viewable perspective.
  • Barrie campus: The Barrie campus has a total student population of approximately 10,000 on the shared campus of Georgian College – over 1,200 of them are Laurentian students pursuing full-time degrees. The on-campus student residence makes for vibrant 24/7 student life.

On campus, Laurentian's student amenities are conveniently located a short walk away from one another, yet still only minutes from downtown and equipped with its own private beach.

Student population

Medium (1,001 to 10,000)

Total population

Student Statistics
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