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Education and Teaching

Empower the next generation with your teaching skills and enter the exciting world of education! Children and other youngsters are waiting for you.

Study Education and Teaching

Are you seeking a career whereby you spend most of your time in a classroom? Do you like working with children? Have you always had a passion and love for influencing the lives of others in a positive way? Let your dream become reality and apply for an Education and Teaching degree!  

What is Education and Teaching?

Education and Teaching is a degree that offers much more than just lecturing kids and students. It is truly a rewarding job as this degree will teach you everything you need to know about lecturing children and students. Not only will you teach children all sort of things, they will teach you as well. They will leave an impact on you and you will find yourself surrounded by fun, enthusiastic, and honest youngsters.

Why should you study Education and Teaching?

There are several reasons as to why you should study Education and Teaching and become a teacher. One of the many reasons is job security. A recession will not cut off teachers since they will always be needed. You get to laugh every day, be a lifelong learner, get involved in interpersonal interaction, and you get a lot of vacation since you will have the same vacation schedule like your students. Furthermore, you will also have a lot of variability during classes, because you can choose and decide what will happen each day. 

What are the skills you need?

Being a teacher requires a lot of skills, such as keeping your cool under pressure and having knowledge in particular subject areas. Below you will find the most important skills every teacher should have. During your degree, you will develop these skills further more to prepare you for the working field.

Being good at explaining
Since you will be lecturing students after this degree, it is very important that you possess this skill. You need to be clear, listen and respond to questions, ask questions yourself to see if the students understand everything. A tip is to use analogies to make it more clear, that always helps.

You’re a student yourself, you know how difficult students can be. It is utterly important to remain patient as a teacher, otherwise the students might view you as unprofessional.

Fair – minded
Sure you must have heard stories about students not treated right by their teachers. There are some teachers out there who will grade students they like less strictly than those who never show up to class or those who like to mess around in class during lectures. You will probably experience this yourself, so keep in mind to treat all students equally no matter how the students act.  

Being a people person
It would be weird if you want to become a teacher, but you don’t like children – or teenagers for that matter – right? Children and other students love a teacher with a sense of humor, loves to talk about subjects other than education, and can relate to students’ problems. Every school has at least one to three of this type of teachers, be one of them!

What are the jobs I can get with this degree?

With this degree there are many opportunities for you to choose from. However, you will need a specialisation in that field. You obviously cannot become a science teacher if you studied to become an economics teacher. Or become a teacher for higher education if your study only included primary teaching. Here are some examples of the jobs you could get:

High School Principal
High School Principals are responsible for all high school’s administration, they give feedback to the teachers performances, take decisions regarding funding, and they ensure that their school meets all the regulations and guidelines.   

Special Education Teacher for Middle School
A special education middle school teacher educates students from ten to fourteen years old with mental or physical disabilities. Teachers in this job field are expected to have a strong background in education. It is also very important that you can adjust your teaching methods to the needs of each individual student.  

Professor Higher Education
Professors of Higher Education teach at colleges and universities. Their responsibilities include assessment modules, creating course syllabi, and participating in departmental meetings. Some professors teach more than just one subject.

Early Childhood Teacher
An Early Childhood Teacher – also called a Preschool Teacher – works with children that are not obligated to go to school yet. These children are between the ages of three and five and they mostly engage in activities that are not too challenging for them but at the same time a good preparation for kindergarten and elementary school.

What is the expected salary?

Find the expected salaries of a few jobs regarding Education and Teaching. 


High School Principal

Day-care Teacher

Special Education

Professor Higher Education

Entry level

US$ 79,000

US$ 20,000

US$ 42,000

US$ 63,000


US$ 82,000

US$ 22,000

US$ 46,000

US$ 71,000


US$ 87,000

US$ 23,000

US$ 51,000

US$ 75,000


US$ 93,000

US$ 24,000

US$ 58,000

US$ 78,000









Source: Payscale 

Top 10 Education and Teaching Schools

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, these are the top 10 Education and Teaching Schools. 


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