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Kapi 'olani Community College - University of Hawaii, United States
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About Kapi 'olani Community College - University of Hawaii

Kapi 'olani Community College

  • Is a gathering place where Hawai 'i' s cultural diversity is celebrated, championed and reflected in the curriculum, pedagogy, support services and activities, students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Is a nurturing workplace of choice for strong and caring faculty, staff, and administrators committed to effective communication and shared vision, values, mission, and responsibilities.
  • Strives to provide the highest quality education and training for Hawai‘i’s people.
  • Provides open access, and promotes students’ progress, learning and success with low tuition and high quality instructional programs, student development and support services, and selective areas of excellence and emphasis.
  • Prepares students to meet rigorous associate and baccalaureate requirements and personal enrichment goals by offering a high quality liberal arts and other articulated transfer programs.
  • Delivers high quality 21st century career programs that prepare students for rigorous employment standards and to meet critical workforce immediate and long-term needs and contribute to a diversifying state economy.
  • Prepares students for lives of ethical and social responsibility by offering opportunities for increased service-learning and community engagement.
  • Leads locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in the development of integrated international education through global collaborations.
  • Uses human, physical, technological and financial resources effectively and efficiently to achieve ambitious educational goals and generate a solid return on the public’s investment for a sustainable future.
  • Builds partnerships within the University and with other educational, governmental, business and non-profit organizations to support improved lifelong learning.
  • Uses ongoing cycles of planning, best practice research, budgeting, implementation, assessment, and evaluation to drive continuous program and institutional development.

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