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Study Architecture, Building and Planning in the United Kingdom

Courses regarding architecture are extremely rival, where practical training takes place a lot, preparing students to reach to their fullest potential.

Architecture plays a very important role in human society. Cultures are often defined largely by the style of architecture they employ. If you are interested in studying and learning about architecture, you may want to consider attending a university in the United Kingdom.

Why Study Architecture, Building and Planning in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a number of excellent architectural programs that can help you become a leader in the design of contemporary culture. Perhaps in time you could become a leader, envisioning bold new approaches to architectural design. Consider a few reasons why the United Kingdom is the ideal setting to do this:

  • Work study – many foreign students are allowed a maximum 20 hours of work, providing you with a valuable cash flow
  • Scholarships and loans – if you have trouble affording your tuition, assistance is available
  • Gateway to Europe – you are mere hours away, by train or plane, from almost all of mainland Europe
  • Most of all, the United Kingdom is known for the exceptional quality of their educational system. Their universities are respected and known all over the world for the quality of the degree you will earn. Although the standard of excellence originates with world-class universities such as Oxford or Brighton, many of the UK’s lesser-known universities are nearly as well-respected. 

Eligibility for Admission to Study Architecture, Building and Planning in the United Kingdom

The UK does not impose strict eligibility requirements on those who wish to study there; the country is eager to accept students from all over the world; indeed, a great many of the students hail from Malaysia, China and other such countries, and the United Kingdom is second only to the United States in terms of university foreign exchange students. However, you should check with each individual university that you are interested in to discover their eligibility requirements. 

Cost of studying Architecture, Building and Planning in the United Kingdom

Although university education is expensive, college programs in the UK average just half the cost of those in the US. Therefore, you can earn an excellent degree for significantly less money. Listed below are several universities that offer bachelor's degrees in architecture: 

  • University of Kent – £10,700/year
  • University of Brighton - £13,800/year
  • Hull College - £7,800/year
  • Glasgow School of Art - £12,360/year

It is said that you can't put a price on a good education. Should you choose to pursue one in the United Kingdom, you are guaranteed that it will indeed be a good one.


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