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UCSI University
Affordable tuition fee. Daily expenses are not that high compared to other university areas. Have more exposure to community projects if you are a scholarship holder.
Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia
Staff members are very friendly and helpful. A simple email goes a long way when it comes to student services. Some local lecturers are extremely helpful towards their students and have very good knowledge in their field of study but only some.
Hong Bang International University
have fun, waste time, come late to class, miss classes, chat with friends, dont have to do homework, use cell phone in class, everyone passes regardless, no need to work here, hot halls and no ac until 5 minutes before class-this way you are all wet and fell awful and makes you unhappy, you have to pay to park, you have so many different teachers you dont know what is going on, get a degree without really learning anything
HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT)
The only positive is the ARU degree programme.
University of Nottingham Malaysia
Some of the lecturers are really passionate about what they are teaching. The are a lot of events to participate but only a few of them are good.

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